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In this type of rental you are expected to provide nothing other than an oven/stove, and a phone socket.

Part furnished
Tenants seeking a part furnished property are probably looking for essential basics but are also wanting to bring along items of their own. An oven/stove, fridge freezer and washing machine will be high on the desirability list. Items such as sofas, beds, chests of drawers and wardrobes can be real deal makers or breakers. Second hand divans, worn looking mattresses and junk shop wardrobes will not give you an edge in a flooded rental market.

Better to spend a little on a new and complimentary, but affordable range from local furniture outlets than pick out ill-matched elderly odds and sods from second hand or charity shops. Remember, if you look like you don't care about the property, how can you expect a tenant to?

Most tenants will expect some light shades, curtains or blinds to be in place for convenience, but may well want to swap them for something more their own taste. Make it a responsibility for the tenant to look after any unused items.

Fully Furnished (or Furnished)
Tenants seeking furnished accommodation may not have the time, enthusiasm or inclination to apply any of their own style to their new home. They may well be seasonal tenants and they will require most creature comforts to be in place and to be of an acceptable quality.

Expect to provide a washing machine, fridge freezer, oven/stove, wardrobes, drawers, sofa, beds, lamp shades, and dining table and chairs if appropriate.

Some new homes developers now offer décor and equipment packages for purchasers buying to let, to ensure that the property is fit to be let from the moment it becomes yours.

Short tem let (corporate let)
Often a showcase for a company's corporate hospitality or a way of keeping visiting CEOs or other company bigwigs comfortable without incurring staggering hotel costs, this property must provide everything short of room service.

All furnishings must be of a pleasing standard and should include all the usual kitchen equipment plus kettle, toaster, coffee maker, crockery, glasses, cutlery etc. Beds should be provided with full linen sets plus spares, the lounge should be fully equipped for lounging to include TV/video/DVD, hi-fi and all soft furnishings. Satellite TV optional. Do include a phone, and for the benefit of the visiting home worker look into broadband connection.

Please note: we have compiled this information in good faith, but we accept no liability for any errors, or for any use that is made of it, or for any problems or damage that may arise as a result of using or acting upon this information.



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